Subsea Coating Technologies specializes in a wide variety of standard and proprietary coating solutions that protect your equipment and products, maximizing their productivity and operating life.


 (1105/1280 and 1600 series)


SermaGard’s 1105 base coat and 1280 top coat system provides excellent salt corrosion protection and UV resistance for fasteners and components used in platform and subsea operations at offshore drilling, chemical and petrochemical facilities. SermaGard coatings also provide corrosion, heat and chemical resistance for a wide range of automotive, construction and industrial applications.


SCT is the SermaGard specialist. Our licensed professionals are trained to apply SermaGard coatings to the manufacturer’s precise standards, maximizing their performance and durability.


NORSOK M - 501


Trust your offshore equipment to SCT. We offer a range of coating systems compliant with NORSOK M-501, the internationally recognized standard for the material selection, surface preparation, application and inspection of protective coatings at offshore installations and associated facilities. The M-501 standard covers passive fire-resistant coatings, metallic coatings and paints, ensuring optimal protection of the installation while minimizing maintenance.

Whitford / Xylan®


SCT supplies the full line of Whitford Corporation coating systems, including the premier Xylan line of “extreme performance” dry-film lubricants. Xylan coatings are low friction and wear resistant, excelling under heavy loads, at high temperatures and pressures, and in harsh chemical environments.


Utilizing Whitford coatings, SCT can address a comprehensive range of performance requirements, including chemical resistance, conductivity and insulation, corrosion resistance, extreme temperatures, freeze release, low friction, lubrication, noise reduction, release/nonstick, torque control, UV resistance and wear resistance.

Zinc Phosphating


SCT's zinc phosphating process provides high corrosion resistance and prevents galling by converting a metal surface into non-conductive polycrystalline one. Zinc phosphating is often preferred for equipment exposed to severe environments, and it can be an effective weatherizing pre-treatment for one-coat powder finishes. Zinc phosphating also creates a uniform gray or black look that eliminates the need for painting.


Ryton® PPS


SCT offers Ryton PPS thermal coatings that create hard-wearing nonstick surfaces for the food processing market as well as corrosion resistance in a variety of industrial applications. The Ryton PPS polymer provides superior stability, broad chemical resistance and non-flammability at sustained high temperatures

LSS 755


This true high-temperature silicone system was developed from a proprietary blend of resins and pigments to provide service up to 1200°F (650°C). LSS 755 has been tested for continuous service with no loss of gloss or chemical resistant properties at sustained temperatures of 800°F, and it will perform at 1200°F with some loss of gloss but without sacrificing any of its protective qualities. Widely used in geothermal valve and pipeline equipment stations, LSS 755 has also been tested and used in many high-heat chemical tank and bath applications.

Powder Coating


Consider SCT's powder coating services for a long-lasting, environmentally friendly alternative to conventional liquid paint. The powder coating process allows for thicker layers with a uniform appearance and a range of unique color blending options, and it releases fewer volatile organic compounds (VOC). Plus, powder coating provides excellent protection against corrosion, abrasions, chipping and wear.


Fusion Bonded Epoxy (FBE)


Fusion Bonded Epoxy (FBE) is a type of heat-cured powder coating widely used to protect steel pipe from corrosion. This thermoset polymer coating is applied as a liquid at high temperatures, where it transforms via chemical reaction to a solid, fusion-bonded surface that will not melt once cured. FBE is often recommended for use in pipeline construction, concrete reinforcing bars and on a wide variety of piping connections and valves.



This thermally cured, solvent-based barrier coating utilizes a high molecular weight epoxy binder system to provide superior corrosion protection and outstanding chemical resistance in a wide variety of applications. Ever-Slik is typically applied to pumps, tools and other types of hardware; ball joints and other automotive parts; valves, fittings and connectors; and on drilling platforms and subsea components.

SSPC-SP5 Blasting


Rely on SCT to provide the industry standard in quick and thorough blasting services. SCT follows the comprehensive SSPC-SP5 standard for white metal blast cleaning of unpainted or painted steel, ensuring the surface is free of all visible debris, lubricants, coatings, oxides, corrosion and other foreign matter.


Customer Specifications


Partner with SCT to meet your product scheduling and quality needs. Let our in-house experts analyze your project and leverage their specialized knowledge and experience with the full range of SCT industrial coatings to generate your project’s unique specifications. Contact us today!
















Rubber Coatings







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